Christian; not perfect; just forgiven.

I am a Christian. I was not born a Christian. I was born-again a Christian
(accepted into the family of God/Christ when I accepted Him as
my personal savior/sacrificial lamb). I realized I could not save
myself. I realized that only God could save me through the
sin-washing blood that Christ shed on the cross (the
sacrificial lamb of God). It was not Christ plus works or
some other faith but Christ alone who saved me. I was
baptised (as in immersed in water) after I had accepted
Christ as my savior. Being baptised did not save me.
Baptism is a symbol of what happens in ones heart
(it represents the 'death, burial and resurection of Christ).
I am a Bible Christian as per the Holy Bible; Gods Word.

Some Bible Scripture to help explain the above
(KJV on the left and NKJV on the right).

Roman's Road Page
Scripture from the book of Romans from the Bible on Salvation.

Christian Resources on the Internet/WorldWideWeb

There are sites on the internet for Christians (If one looks for the bad, one
will find it. If one looks for the good, one will find it too [something I heard
in a movie that I thought was quite true and also applies to the internet
or even to life])


These are some designs for a new[ish] Christian flag,
There is no real need for them but I like to design things.
These are designs that combine 'religious' symbols.
They were fun to make. I like to design things. 

Christian flags


A friend of mine wrote a couple of poems.
I thought I would share them with others.
They are pretty good.

(also known as the Authorized Version)

(I have the words above in red since I think
all Bibles should be read).
Bible in HTML format on CD(busines card cdr)

I copied the Bible in html format onto a business
cd-r disc. I printed a business cd-r label for it.
It seems to work great. Since it is in html
format, it can be seen with/on any computer
with any operating system with any internet browser.
More on this in a future web page.

For Christian users of OS/2 Warp or eComStation,
there is a nice software in the 'religion' section
of Hobbes. and at OS/2 Site and at
BMTMicro and at OS/2 BBS
(requires a paid membership to download for the last
one [fee goes to support the site] but not for the first three).

The above sites don't have just Bible
or 'religious' software but also software
in other categories (ie; drivers,
suites, games, etc).

Bible Study Aid

This page links to a page that two links - one for 'color codes' and one for 'symbols'.
I created this system to help me study my Bible. Being on the web helps me to
locate it when needed. I hope it is also usefull to/for you too.


I have uploaded some of my designs to Cafe Press. I have created a 'shop' there
that people can order one of my designs that is on a variety of products.

BigWarpGuy Designs.

One is a slogan; 'Christian; Not Perfect, Just Forgiven'. It indicates
Christians are not perfect but are forgiven (sins washed away by the blood of Christ).

The 'Hell; Don't Go There' is based on what I am some times told when making jokes.
What better place to tell people not to go to than Hell? 

The church I go to is First Baptist Church of Hightstown, New Jersey
125 Main Street
Hightstown, New Jersey 08520

Sunday worship is 10:00 am.


My Home Page.

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updated on 01-16-2011

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