These flags were designed by me because I like to
design things. There is no need for a new Christian
flag; therefore, they were not created to fill a
need. There were created as alternatives to
the current Christian flag (give Christians
choices) plus they were fun to do.



This flag incorporates the Christian 'fish' symbol with a border of blue (the blue border was from the description of a outfit described in the Old Tetstament). The 'fish' (outline) is in red. The border is blue but does not go to the edge (a space between edge of the flag  and the blue border).
This is similar to the first one except it has a 'star of David' where one would usually find the 'eye' of the fish (an early Christian symbol). Christianity has its roots in Judaism.
This is similar to the above except the blue border is thicker (no significance - I wanted to see if would make a difference visually - it does).
This flag is similar to the above minus the 'star of David' in the fish (this makes it simpler to draw).
This flag is similar to the above plus it has a cross (in read symbolising the blood of Christ shed on the cross) at an angle partly in/partly out in the front of the fish symbol. The border is a darker blue. The fish is lighter blue.

IIRC - the fish symbol came about in the early years of
Christianity when there was heavy persecution by the
Romans. A Christian would identify themselves to one
another by drawing half the 'fish' in the ground/sand.
If the other person was a Christian, they would complete
the 'fish' drawing.

The fish symbol came from the first letters of the names
of Christ in Greek (the first letters of Jesus Christ Son of God
Saviour in the Greek language forming the Greek word
for fish). IIRC - it was the earliest Christian symbol.

created on 09-20-2004
updated on 02-28-2006

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