This sounds like some episode of the 'The Twilight Zone'. It just means that I like
to collect certain things as a hobby (things that would be listed before with links
to photos of what I like to collect). I try not to spend too much on any one
thing or at any one time. The joy I received from collecting is not just
from the getting but from the searching for things I collect
(from online searchs to garage sales and stores and other places).


One of the things I like to collect is 'Coca Cola' stuff (objects with the
'Coca Cola' brand or one of the products of the Coca Cola company
products on them [towels, sheets, boxes, novelties, etc]).

diet Coke web site
The official diet Coke web site by the
Coca Cola Company.


I have always been a big fan of Disneys Goofy (I am big and a fan of Goofy :) ).
I think he is very funny and has an endearing spirit/personality. He never seems down
(not for long anyway) even when he fails.

Disney web site
Home page of the Disney company with lots
of interesting and fun things (espcially Goofy things :)
but also Mickey, Minie, Donald, Daisy and other
Disney characters :) ).

Disney Warehouse?
I found this site while looking for 'Disney Goofy' photos and sites
on the internet using Google. There are more than just Goofy stuff
there but also other Disney characters, too. There are coloring pages
one can print, themes, screensavers and other things.
It seems Disney Warehouse is now part of Caboodle since clicking
on Disney Warhouse takes you there.

I do not get paid for showing any of the items
above or on the pages that linked to them from this
page (it somehows lessens the hobbie/interest and makes
it less ejoyable). I list them here because I think it is neat to
do so plus it shows an interest in the item listed.

created on 09-20-2004
updated on 07-07-2009

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