I have Diabetes. I was not born with it (as in Juvenile Diabetes)
but became one when I was an adult (30ish). I have Type 2
Diabetes. I control it with oral medication and diet, exercise and insulin.
 I believe
the contributing factors (in my getting Diabetes) was that it 'runs'
in my family and I am overweight (to the point of being
obese) but I am working on the latter (I have lost a lot of
weight but have a long way to go {some of which seems to find me
again. :( ). I am on insulin. It is easier to give onself insulin
 with the newer technology and ultra fine needles.

I have found these 'rules' or 'tips' to be helpful in taking control of ones Diabetes.

A Good Physician/Doctor/Primary Care Person/Educator.

    It is very helpful to have a doctor that will work with you in controlling ones Diabetes. It is
also good to work with (not against) ones physician/doctor/pirmary care person
and a good diabetic educator (remember he/she is there to help you).

A Good Attitude.

    A negative attitude has never helped anyone. I try to keep an attitude of 'I can live with
Diabetes'. Since I like to try new things, I think of my Diabetes as a reason to try new things
(ie; glucometers, medicines, sugar-free or low-carb foods, sugar-free or low-carb recipes, etc).
It is not easy to keep a positive attitude but I think it is worth the effort (this is not to say
one will never get down/depressed but the sooner one leaves/gets out of the depression,
the better you are [IMHO - in my honest opinion]).

A Meal Plan.

    A good meal plan is also very helpful. I received one from my doctor (I have a copy
online so
I can keep a copy of it available [I seem to misplace mine on a regular basis
and an online version helps
me keep track of it]). It is also good to keep track of ones
meals as well as ones blood-sugar levels
(there are devices that help with the 'record
keeping' part of the meal plan). It is also important to consult
ones doctor and/or
nutritrionist before using a meal plan or starting a diet (to get what is right for you
not just what others are using or seems popular).

A Supportive Family And Friends.

    A family and/or friends that help and supports you is a big plus. It is a good feeling
knowing that
one does not have to go through this alone (it still comes down to you
controlling your life and ultimately
being responsible for you but it helps when others
are there to help and support those efforts).

Diabetes Resources


American Diabetes Association
A very useful resource for those with Diabetes. With the membership,
one receives their magazine - Diabetes Forecast - with alot of usefull
information. The membership is quite reasonable - especially when
one considers what one receives in return).

Diabetec Meal Planner

(it is the one I keep online in case I lose or misplace mine
which I do more often than I care to admit).

Caution: Before using any meal planner or diet, ALWAYS consult ones doctor/physician.
What might work for one person might not work for another. A doctor or dietician will be
able to taylor/customize a diet plan that will work for you (especially if you work with

There is a discussion group at Yahoo Groups that could also be of help
in ones Diabetes. There are alot of low-car recipes that could with a
Diabetec meal plan. (IIRC on the URL)
Here is another one with simple Diabetec recipes that might be of some
help to some (IIRC on the URL - if it is wrong, just go to
the Yahoo Groups home page and do a search).


Diabetec Cooking Magazine
Here is a recipe magazine for those who are Diabetics.
It has alot of great recipes and photos plus
informative information. I have tried some recipes in it
and they are very good. A Diabetic meal does not
have to be boring.

I used Google and Bing to find some 'Diabetic meal planner'.
Here is the Google Results and the Bing Results.

created on 09-20-2004
updated on 12-26-2009

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