Not a 'geek' in the negative sense of the word but one who likes
to work/tinker with computers and software. :)

I like to assemble my own computers. I do this so I can spread the cost of it over time and
I can choose what hardware that I want to include and exclude that which I don't. I also
do this so I can chose what operating system to install and what programs/software
I want to install (and not what major company thinks I need on my computer).

Examples of software I like to use; RSJ CdWriting for OS/2, PMView for OS/2,
OS/2 Warp (one day to be eComStation), Star Office for OS/2 (one day to be the
OS/2 version of OpenOffice by Innotek), Mozilla for OS/2,
WarpVisionGUI, UniAud, SDD/2, WarpZip, etc (more to be listed on the page -
there are links to these software [IIRC] at OS/2 World.).


This page/link is for the hardware of the computer (the parts that one
can see and touch). With 'IBM' compatible hardware, one can complete
a personal computer with a large variety of choice (ie; hard drive by one company, cd drive
by another, cpu box by another, and so forth and so forth [one does not have to use the
same company for everything]). One can buy a computer fully assembled or
one can assemble it oneself (I prefer the latter since I can spread the cost
over a long amount of time).

Some places (online) I like to buy hardware at is Tiger Direct,
PCSurplusOnline, CompUSA (store and online), etc (more
on the page when I create it).


This page/link is for the software/program that goes between and works
with the hardware and the programs/software. With the 'IBM' compatible computer,
one has a choice of different operating systems (even though there are some that would
make you think otherwise). When one assembles a computer by themselves (with
help from those online and offline), one can choose what operating one
wants to have on it (something that rarely happens when one buys a fully
assembled pc).


PS I prefer to use eComStation.
I am waiting for version 2.0 to come out to anyone
and not just to those with a software subscription. 

I hope to upgrade to verson 2.0 when it comes out. Currently it is only available
to those with a software subscription.
Another operating system to watch is ReactOS. It is still being developed.
One can download the latest version even though it is still unstable in some ways.


This page/link is for the software that ones uses on the
hardware and operating system. It is not just commercially
available programs but also ones that are being ported,
that are open sourced and others that might not fit
into any group.

My Mini-Itx Projects.
Here is (or will be) a link to my mini-itx projects.
There are mini-itx projects at

created on 09-20-2004
updated on 12-26-2009


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