This is a web site about some things about TomLeeM (me :) ).

         'Big Warp Guy' since I am big, I like to use OS/2 Warp, I am a guy and I am big..
I have an Acer Aspire with Windows Vista.
I have an Acer Aspire One with Windows XP.
I have an Asus EEE 701a PC without an os but one day it be ReactOS.
I have an IBM Thinkpad T23 with FreeSpire (it is not working so well lately).

'Big Goofy Guy since I am big, I like Disney's Goofy and I am guy. :)

Here are some things about me.
Each item in the list is also a link to the page with more details.
Each title is a link to a page/site that describes a different aspect about me.

I like to do oil painting. Here are samples
of what I have completed. Here are also
some that my Dad has completed.
I have added some (most are mine) my paintings.
page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7, page 8, page 9.

Christian page

I am a Bible Christian (a Christian as per God's Word/Holy Bible
[some scripture also on some pages with more to come plus study aids and
related material]). A Bible Christian is not of any one denomination
but can belong to any denomination.

collector page

(I like to collect certain things with/by a certain theme
[Disney Goofy 'stuff' and Coca Cola 'stuff']
since it is alot of fun but I try to limit how much
I spend onthem [time and money]). To me, the fun part is not just collecting but also
looking for the items.:) They say the journey is half the fun of the trip.
In a way, it is also true of collecting (for me, anyway).

diabetes page

I am a 'type 2' Diabetec. I am on insulin. 
It is easier to give oneself insulin with the ultra fine needles.
I do my best to live with Diabetes (as a challenge to overcome
and not a dead end).

geek page

(I am into computers [hardware and software]
and not just using them but also buidling/assembling
them [which I label 'BWG' to give them
a 'brand' name :) ). I think of the positive aspects of
being a 'geek' (I am not a hacker or a cracker).

hobbies and interests page

I have some 'hobbies' and 'interests' that I like to read about
or search web sites about (usually using Google - for photos
and web sites). These hobbies and interests include
micro or mini cars (I have my own 'modern mini car
in the form of a Smart Fortwo, cabin scooters, and three
wheelers (plus others).

BigWarpGuy at

BigWarpGuy at

BigWarpGuy at Google+

(still looking for a way to link to it from here).

They are both are works in progress
but they are fun to do. :)


My Cafe Press Shops. :)
I make very little profit from these items. Most
of the cost is for having them done.

BWG Designs.
It is my designs for 'Christian-wear.
It is a designs with a Christian theme or basis.

It is my design for those who oppose drinking and diriving
and be able to show it on items.

Here is a logo for the Garden State Smarts.
It is so any one can have it on an item; t-shirts plus.

I have some Christian designs that I will be also
be creating an online shop for at Cafe Press.

I have also posted my designs that I have at Cafe Press
on this web page so they can be downloaded.
If one wants them on a t-shirt or other items
without doing any of the work, one just
click on the links above.

I have a books on learning to program in html. I will be trying it to
improve my site. This will not happen over night but there is no real hurry since
Mozilla / SeaMonkey Composer seems to work quite well for simple pages.

created on 09-06-2004
updated on 07-02-2012

e-mail address

    . :-D Captain Warp is on my t-shirt.





I had some fun with PMView - which is a really good program
for viewing photos (they also have a Windows version which works just as
good as the OS/2 version- IMHO) on my photos.
I am trying to lose weight so the above would be 'before' pictures.
It is not easy but worth the effort (healthwise).

This site is part of my Comcast Internet Service.
I am able to use Seamonkey Composer to create and post the pages.
I find the Composer that comes with the Seamonkey
browser works great. One does not have to know alot of
HTML to use it. It is a simple website that is designed
to be viewed by any browser using any operating system.

There are times I update my site using my Acer Aspire One -
running Windows XP and using SeaMonkey Composer -
with an USB cellular modem from AT&T Mobile.
The Acer Aspire One is about 9.5 inches.
It is just big enough to touch type on
and small enough to be quite portable.

Fuelly for Herb.