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dietCoke Site
The official site for/on/about DietCoke.
diet coke cans
'all the taste without the sugar'
(IMHO :) )

I am a big fan of Coca Cola and their products.
I do not gain or profit anything from the
Coca Cola Company but I really enjoy their diet products.

I liked Mellow Yellow and Mr. Pibb when I lived in Texas
or visited California. They came to the North East
I can not have it since I am now a diabetic.
I am looking for a diet versions of each.

Mellow Yellow

I found a Pibb Zero.
 Now to find it where I can buy it.

There is a really cool Coca Cola machine called Freestyle.
One is not limited to just a handful of beverages.
There is a delicious variety of flavors of Diet Coke.
The above photo from Popular Science.

I have a Yahoo Groups for Coca Cola Collectors.
It requires approval (from me) to join.
It is free to join. One just has to explain why one wants to join.
There is a neat Coke rewards site at
MyCokeRewards. One enters the codes from the caps
and gains points. One can redeem them for neat stuff.
What is really neat about it is they do not charge to ship
things that one has redeemed points for. :) There is also
a MyCokeRewards widget that makes it easier to
enter codes. One can also donate ones points
for different charity groups. I think this isa cool idea.

There is also a neat virtual Coke world.
It only works with Windows but is free; IIRC
(unless one wants to add things but the trial
is free and it is really cool).

 There is a club for those who collect Coca Cola items
called the Coca Cola Collectors Club.

There is a musuem of Coca Cola items at the World of Coca Cola.
It could be the 'mecca' for Coca Cola fans.
I am planning at least one visit
(especially since they did a total make over).
 They have a neat online store.

created on 09-20-2004
updated on 07-02-2012

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