This page will have links and photos related to Disneys Goofy.

goofy pillow
(my Disney Goofy pillow).
It is very comfortable and adds
a nice touch to my bed. :)
It is the only that I have found. I have searched
but have not found another one like it
but I am still looking.

I have a phone similar to the above ( I have no connection with the url listed but I only use
the photo from the site to show my phone). It is neat to use but kinda weird too since
he is looking at you while using the phone. When the phone rings, he says one of a
handfull of different phrases (really cool). I also have the Goofy cordless phone.
It is Goofy all tangled up in a phone cord. The handset is cordless. It did not come
with a battery but I am looking for one (do not know what kind it needs).

This is a bank similar to what I have. It is really neat.
I keep some change in it just for fun. :)

This photo is a 'combo' (a combinatiion of Disneys Tron and Disneys Goofy). It is the
 'Goofeteer'. IMHO - really cool. I think it would have been a really cool version
of the Rocketeer movie. :)

A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie.

I have both the A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie
on VHS, VCD and DVD. I am hoping it comes out on blue-ray too.
I read that Disney is selling movies on SD Cards in Japan.
I hope they do that here too (especially for the Goofy movies I have).
If they come out in either HD-DVD or BlueRay, I will get them too. :)
If they come out an an SD card or on a flash drive, I would
get them too. Disney has (or had?) movies on SD cards.



I also have the sound tracks for the two movies.

I have the Walt Disney Goofy Collection.
It comes in a neat collector tin.

I have a Yahoo group on/for collecting Disney Goofy items.
One must get approval (by me) before one joins.
It is free to join. One just has to explain why one wants to join.

I found a biography of Disney's Goofy.
I found a history of Disney's Goofy.
Goofy is a trademark of Disney. I do not claim
ownership of it but just a big fan of Goofy
(I am big and a fan of Goofy and I am a guy. :) ).

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