Here are my ideas or future projects for a mini-itx based computer.
There are examples of mini-itx based projects at Mini-Itx.

Project 99er.
1) use a TI-99/4a shell (similar to the one above)
but with mini-itx boards and newer components
(it has been done before but not with mini-itx board).
It has been more difficult that I realized. I think
the keyboard will remain but non-functional. It is easier to
connect a newer wireless keyboard and wireless mouse and keep the look
intact (more or less).

Project CoolerPC
Coca Cola Radio Cooler
2) use a Coca Cola cooler/radio box (similar to the one above)
and put a mini-itx board into it.
There is enough space in the cooler/radio to not only have
the mini-itx board but also keep the radio parts.
This should be easy to do. I will add photographs
on a separate page to show it being done.
There is a card board backing to it that one can
cut into to provide access for the video, keyboard and mouse
connections. It might not have a cd or dvd drive since I
think usb drives will eventually replace them. I will use a cd/dvd drive
to install the operating system.
Microsoft - according to what I read - might have Win7 on an USB drive.
It would make it easier to install. I am hoping that will be true of
eComStation and ReactOS.

Project Retro Compaq Portable
Compaq Portable Computer 3
3) use the Compaq Portable Computer 3 box but with mini-itx board.
This will be tricky since it will need a small keyboard (wireless)
and replace the small lcd screen with something similar
but newer. There is lots of room for a mini-itx board and
the computer components. Even if I do not find a replacement
for the screen, it still will be good to try to make a itx project from it.

I will have photos and drawings with information (in the future).

There are three (so far) sizes in small itx boards.

1) mini-itx
2) nano-itx
3) pico-itx
All three can be found at
I have found other small boards that could work too.
There are some news of them at Liliputing
(it is a site for small computers).

The operating system that I want to try on them is either
ReactOS or eComStation or Linux.

Mini-Itx Projects at Yahoo Groups
I have a mini-itx projects group at Yahoo Groups.
It is small but I am hoping it will grow.

I also have a group for Netbooks.
It is for not just netbooks but also
mobile internet devices and
ultra mobile personal computers.

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