Computer Case Page

Computer boxes come in many shapes and sizes. Most
are the conventtional 'rectangular' shape but there
are exceptions (mostly do it yourselvers- see below).
These can be found at the projects section of Mini-Itx

There are some creative computer boxes at Mini-Itx plus
one can acquire components for them at Mini-Box.
The cases are unusuall but really neat
(ie; in a cow 'statue', in the toy of the Star
Wars Millenium Falcom, in an Apple MacIntosh shell, etc).

I am thinking of using a mini-itx board
inside some unique 'computer' cases.
There is no limit to what one can
use as a computer case. With main boards
getting smaller and affordable, I believe
computers cases of the future will look
like anything except a computer case.

created on 09-20-2004
updated on 07-07-2009

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