Photos of my Smart Fortwo. :)

Here are some links for or about the Smart Fortwo.

The global site for the Smart Car company.
One can click on ones country and find a link to ones
countries site.

The official USA site for Smart Car.
This is where I reserved my little car.
Neat Smart Car Ad.

The dealer that I bought the Smart Fortwo.
It is connected to the Mercedes dealer.
It is a really nice place. They have an
excellent service center.

Smart Times Magazine.
I have found a magazine for and about the Smart Fortwo.
It is an international magazine.
Here is a cool Smartimes Calendar.
I bought and received one. It is really nice.
I have the 2009 one and just received the 2010 one.

SmartCarUSA Group at Yahoo
My Yahoo Group on the Smart Fortwo car. :)
It is not very active but I like having it anyway.
I try to keep spam and really off topic posts out.

Garden State Smarts
My Yahoo Group for those who own or are interested
in the Smart vehicles in the Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland,
New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area
(or those close enough to NJ in that they do not have far to travel).

Here is a site for and about the Smart Fortwo.
There is a very helpful forum there, too.
There is a lot of good Fortwo information there, too.
I have some photos I uploaded there in my gallery
under BigWarpGuy.

Here is the back of Herb before the license plate was attached and some bumper stickers.
One can not see it from here but the engine is in back under the shelf in the back.
I have added a few bumper stickers and a window sticker.
Here is the front of Herb.
The radiator and windshield wiper fluid bottle is in front plust other 'bottles' for
different fluids. It makes it easier to fill up what is needed.
Here is the left side of Herb. One day I will get nicer rims.
It would be neat to be able to paint the ones I have.
Here is the dash. I have a radio now. It is a used one from some one who upgraded theirs in their Smart.
I only had to pay shipping and handling for the radio/cd player. It was quite easy to install.
The speakers and plug in wires were already there. It plays really nice.

Here is a photo of Herbs glove compartment. It is not very big. Probably just bid enough for gloves.
I keep my gloves on the floor. I keep a notebook to record mileage on it so I will know what
real life MPG is. I have some odds and ends in it to. There is a plug in (line in for a mp3 player
or other device; device head phone to plug in so one can play music in the cars stereo).
In this last photo, you can see my face in the rear view mirror.
One can see my little camcorder/digital camera that I used to take a picture with.

Some of the above photos/links look alike but they are to different sites.

I have a 'shop' (GSS_NJ) at Cafe Press that I have my Garden State Smarts
logo so that any one can buy some thing with it on. It is my
first attempt on something like this.

created 03-15-2008
updated 01-31-2010