Software Page

An attempt to create a webcam software/driver
for USB webcams for eCS-OS/2. I am not a
programmer but will work to create it. This
page has programs and source codes for a
webcam program. Not much progress (if
any) since I am still in the learning to
program stage.
I will have to do a lot of learning on programming
before this project goes any where.

Since I am learning C/C++ and Visual Basic6, I am
hoping to add more such pages to this site.
It is definitely a work in progress
(even will try to learn to program/do html
so this site will be improved - currently
using Composer that came with Mozilla
for OS/2-eCS).

I am really into learning REXX. OS/2 and eCS supports

It would really be neat if one could create an operating
system using REXX.

created on 09-20-2004
updated on 07-07-2009

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