Bay Area Exoplanet Science Meeting #4

March 15, 2013

SETI Institute, 189 Bernardo, Mountain View, CA (directions)

Contact Natalie Batalha or Tom Greene

GROUP PHOTO (by Seth Shostak)

AGENDA (pdf)
9:30 Coffee and Conversation
10:00 Matter under extreme conditions and the interior of giant planets Ronald Redmer (Institut fur Physik, Universiat Rostock, Germany)
11:00 The Importance of Small Particle Accretion in the Formation of Planets Chris Ormel (UCB)
11:30 Finding the smallest Exoplanets with Kepler Tom Barclay (NASA ARC)
11:45 Kepler Planet Mass Determinations with Keck/HIRES Howard Isaacson (UCB)
12:00 Lunch and Group Photo Seth Shostak, Franck Marchis (SETI)
13:00 Exoplanet Mass-Radius Relation Jack Lissauer (NASA ARC), Eric Lopez (UCSC), and Lauren Weiss (UCB)
14:00 Recalibration of giant planet mass-radius relationship with ab-initio simulations Burkhard Militzer (UCB)
14:15 What is the difference between a hot planet and a cool star? Spitzer colors of hot Jupiters and Brown Dwarfs Jonathan Fortney (UCSC)
14:30 An Abiogenic Path Toward the Oxidation of Earth-like Planets around other Stars: New Results Friedemann Freund (SETI)
15:00 BREAK
15:30 A Stormy Exoplanet Seen in Optical Polarimetry? Sloane Wiktorowicz (UCSC)
16:00 Intermodel GCM Comparisons for Exoplanet Atmosphere Modeling Matt Umurhan (UC Merced)
16:15 Spin-Orbit Misalignment in a Multi-Planet System with a Red-Giant Host Star Daniel Huber (NASA ARC)
16:30 Wrap up and brief discussion of future meetings ALL