Bay Area Exoplanet Science Meeting #5

June 28, 2013

SETI Institute, 189 Bernardo, Mountain View, CA (directions)

Contact Natalie Batalha or Tom Greene

AGENDA (pdf)
9:00 Coffee and Conversation
9:30 Starshades for Terrestrial Planet Imaging: Principles and Progress Jeremy Kasdin (Princeton)
10:30 The atmospheres of Earth-like planets following giant impact events Roxana Lupu (SETI)
11:00 BREAK
11:30 The Prevalence of Free-Floating Planetary Mass Objects Mary Barsony (SETI)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Filling in the Mass-Radius Diagram with TTVs Daniel Jontof-Hutter (NASA ARC)
13:50 Cloud-Kepler, an open-sourced cloud based Kepler analysis pipeline Pavel Machalek (Climate Corp)
14:10 Final laboratory test results and pre-ship status of the Gemini Planet Imager Bruce Macintosh (LLNL)
14:40 BREAK
15:15 What's up with WFIRST - more exoplanet capabilities Tom Greene (NASA ARC)
15:45 Exoplanet Imaging Mission Modeling for the WFIRST-AFTA Coronagraph Dmitry Savransky (LLNL)
16:15 Discussion of day's topics
16:50 Wrap up and brief discussion of future meetings ALL