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I installed brakes on my camper for our Aug 2004 trip from MI to SC.  There's some really big mountains along the way and I thought it would be nice to keep the camper behind the van on the way down those mountains.  I must say my sphincter sure was glad I had them (It got awful stressed going down hills with big rigs speeding by before).  Just FYI if you don't have brakes on your trailer and your trailer starts to sway the only thing to do is mash on the gas to straiten up the trailer again, and when your already going 65 downhill with a semi right beside you and your trailer flapping around behind you, speeding up isn't something you really want to do.   On my first trip with the brakes I never had any sway at all and never had to use the brake override at all, but the piece of mind, just knowing that I could use it if I had to was a great relief and it greatly shorted my stopping distance.

It was pretty easy to install the brakes, if you can repack your bearings you can install the brakes.  It was difficult finding the 7/16-20 nuts to attach the brakes to the bracket on the axle.  The wiring took some time for the Prodigy controller.  Running new lines through the van and trying to find the right brake wire for the blue wire was the hardest part of the whole job.  All together I spent about $400 for the brakes.  To have them installed, prices started at about $800 so I think it was worth it.  I got my parts from , very nice folks and prices were much cheaper than anywhere else.

This is what it looked like without breaks, just had to make sure it had the square braket to install the brakes on.

This is the brakes installed and working great after one week. Man those things rust fast.

When its time for bed, Just pop up the bed rail and "no more monkeys fallin' off the bed".

Its a fold down bed rail for the boys bed to keep them from crashing to the floor.  They roll around allot.  It sticks up about 8" above the top of the mattress, and only took about 2 hours to do.  The hardest part was getting through the straps without tearing them up.  It still needs some paint or finish, but most of the time it's folded down under the mattress so you don't see it anyways.


I would like to thank Suezyque and her Dad for their head board idea.

(That's were I got the design for my bed rail)


I added a couple of 4" PVC pipes for holding all the bunk end and awing polls.  I wanted 6" but they cost allot more so I'll make due.  I added one to the front and one to the back.  Just one less thing I have to remember to put in the camper before I close it up.  They're held on with bolts and nuts up through the frame and through the bottom of the tubes, and a couple 36" zip ties just to be safe.  The ends are drain caps (cheapest I could find at Home Depot), and it's held on there with a blue rubber coated wire hanger that I bent into a clip.  I made both ends come off just incase I couldn't reach my fat arm into the tube.


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