Andy Fox riding a carousel rabbit

Andy Fox's Carousel Animals (No Horses Allowed!)

When most people think of a carousel (or merry-go-round), they think of horses, but horses are not the only animals on carousels. Some people don't even know that there are other carousel animals--but there are! Cats, deer, tigers, bears, and more!!

For me, the menagerie and fantasy carousel animals are much more fun to ride and look at than a bunch of boring horses, so I made this page to give these other animals their moment in the spotlight!

Here I showcase some beautiful examples of carousel menagerie animal art, rendered by some talented artists. I also have some pictures taken at some wonderful carousels that I have visited.

The Rabbit (Bunny, Hare)

My favorite animal, the carousel Rabbit, is possibly the most popular non-horse carousel animal, due probably to their appeal to the younger carousel riders.

Beautifully colored carousel rabbit with comparativly simpler trappings than the traditional Dentzel-style rabbit.
(Judy Johnson)

This is the classic Dentzel-style Rabbit.

Another alternative to the traditional trappings, giving a more Easter effect, using leaves and even easter eggs!
(Christy Shaffer)

More Dentzel Animals

The Deer. Often, real antlers were used on these carousel animals, as antlers were redily available and harder than wood.

The Rooster. Though all the Dentzel roosters were standing, running roosters were also made by other companies.

The Kangaroo. The Dentzel kangaroo had hinged ancle joints so the animal could move up and down on the carousel, giving the animal a "hopping" motion.

The Goat

Also a popular menagerie animal, though I am not quite sure why. Goats are often decorated with traippings giving them somewhat of a circus motief.

Nicely colored carousel goat.
(Judy Johnson)

This is the classic Dentzel-style goat.

Another rendering of a goat, this
one with more details and wooly hair.
(Christy Shaffer)

Other Animals

Carousel Giraffe.
(Christy Shaffer)

Carousel Frog (from a coloring book)
Normally I don't like carousel
frogs--I think they look ugly, but I like this
"Frog Prince" version with a king's robe.

Pictures From Carousels!

Bear Mountain, New York

Bryant Park, New York City

Centreville, Ontario

Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix, AZ

King Triton's Carousel, DCA

2010 NYC Carousel Hop

Local Carousels in Minnesota

My own collection of carousel animals

Hazel: Hazel is a full-sized custom carving I had made for me in 2003. He is named after Hazel from Watership Down, and modeled after the rabbit on the Bear Mountain carousel. He didn't come out quite the way I wanted, but over the years he's grown on me. *pats Hazel*

Hazel's base is made of walnut and a plush Hazel and Fiver keep Hazel company.

To give you an idea of how big Hazel is, here are a couple of pictures of me riding Hazel .1. .2., and here's another picture of Hazel.

UPDATE: In April of 2011 Hazel was donated to the Albany Brass Ring in Oregon where he will reside as an interactive display piece positioned near the working carousel there.

A Dentzel Reproduction- This fellow came from Triangle Billiards, an unexpected place to find such a beautifully carved and painted *rocking* carousel rabbit! I was very excited to be able to find something like this--it's wonderfully detailed and... well... is just so fun to have in my house! Height approx. 38 inches.
Tod: Tod is my wonderful rocking carousel fox! I had him made during the summer of 2006 by the talented staff at Carousel Magic! As you can see, he's super cute and super toony and I absolutely *love* him! The pattern for Tod is based on some wonderful concept art drawn for me by Sammy Robinson: Official pattern - Additional Sketches - Finished Rendering & Color Guide.

Tod is named after The Tod in Richard Adams' novel, The Plague Dogs. He is about 45" tall to the tips of his ears on the rockers, and 32" fron chest to rump. His reins and stirrups were extras added by me to complete his look. Here are some more pictures: .1. .2. ,3. .4. .5.

I present the carousel art here for entertainment and reference use only.
All Dentzel artwork on this page was taken from the Dentzel web site's free coloring book pages and is presented without alteration. All other carousel art presented here is copyright their respective artists and are presented here for entertainment and educational purposes only.

For more carousel art by Christy Shaffer, buy her book: Carousel Animals Coloring Book.
For more carousel art by Judy Johnson, buy her book: Carousel Animal Stickers.

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