This review was posted to the TTAFF mailing list on 1/18/2001 by The J.A.M. Author responses are in RED.

Andy Fox as himself
Sherry Stoner as Slappy
Luke Ruegger as Skippy
Noel Blanc as Wile E. Coyote
Noel Blanc as The Roadrunner
Kath Soucie as Fifi
Noel Blanc as Bugs

Well, not an actual fanfic, but an addendum to Pepe K.'s "A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven", relating some events of said story through the eyes of Andy Fox. Interesting approach, Andy. The differing opinions were well thought out and presented. Will we see any more of this in the future?

As the magic 8 ball would say: "Definitely." There's already one new scene ready for my next release.

Since this is an addendum to ATTEPUH, no bloopers or questions will be presented.

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