Andy Fox's Raccoon Costume

I found this costume one day on FurBid and instantly fell in love with its look. It was the best-looking raccoon fursuit I had ever seen, and all my friends agree. And, I like raccoons anyhow. They are pests and a nuisence to humans just as foxes are!

I have not yet created a character to go along with the costume, so he doesn't have a name either. I like the name Filbert myself, but some people don't.

The costume was manufactored by Realms of Enchantment. They do excellent costume work, and can design a costume to your size and specifications. They also have a growing selection of other animals to pick from.

The eyes are made of painted mesh, and there is a fan in the ear for ventalation. There are also small holes in the mouth for added air flow.

The tail is a simple hanging style attached to the fursuit. It's semi-big, light, and fun!

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