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Ah,  the good ole days! Part of the gang -
This picture was probably 1949 - our senior year - on the steps.

Lael Bowers Morton, Pat Edwards, Bette Butcher Topp, Joyce Moore Clark, Susan Dodge Haralson,
Beverly Clark, Ann Carpenter Lindstrom and Maureen Kilroy McCarthy.

                                                                           The same gang, we think. In the parking lot  at SDUHG - looks like a typical foggy CA day.

1st grade Solana Beach Grammar School. 1939
    Look at that C-u-t-e David Evans with the dimples holding the sign. Duane Stillman on right end; Bob Stillman (2nd row, 2nd from l); 3rd row: Beverly Clark and then Ann Carpenter. Ernestine Buman sitting next to teacher. top row: Nancy Gean 2nd from the left.

Sixth grade Solana Beach Grammar School. 1943-44  Top row: 2nd & 3rd from Left, Duane & Bob Stillman; 5th from left Jimmie Buman; 3rd Row: Myrtle on the left; Beverly Clark  and Ernestine Buman 3rd & 4th to right; Bev's mother, Mrs. Dorothy Clark 4th from right, next is Ann Carpenter and then David Evans. 2nd Row: 4th from left was Nancy Gean.

                                                                                                                 ENCINITAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 4th Grade - April 1942.
Top row: 2nd - Joan Swaim, 3rd - Laura Foulk, 4th - Katherine Leinhard, 6th - Peggy Moore, Allan Conrad, Warren Lawyer, 3rd from left, Zane Keith, 2nd is Ward Keyes.Row 2 - #4 Joyce Shoemaker; #6 Maureen Kilroy, #8 Betty Kirk, #10 Lita Estes.   Row 3 - (kneeling) Ernie Swaim, Abe Stowell, Gordon Teaby and #6 Jim Phillips. Front row middle boy is Teddy ?

Where is Joe Balsley? Lael Bowers, Joanne Telford? Anyone know why they weren't there? Can you identify anyone else?

                                                                                                                                                        Picture below, courtesy of  Abe/Bill Stowell

                                                                    The "Green Valley Gang" (according to Abe) Gordie Teaby on left,                                         Abe Stowell and Jack Johnson - at the age of 12
                                                              Frank Hipsley,  Allan Conrad & Ted Mailheau. Marvin Teaby in front.                          Could there be a drinking problem at that age???

Junior High School Ditch Day - to Palomar Mountain 11/1945 - Open window on left, Richard Cullum, Bev  Clark,
                          Betty Woodward, Joan Higgins and Lita Weston

CSF guys on the Lawn: : Beverly Clark, Ann Carpenter, ??
maybe Richard Cullum. Betty Woodward, could that be Shirley Rowland and then Joe Balsley?

Beverly Clark & Ann Carpenter on our Senior Trip (1950) to Santa Catalina Island. That was such a good time!

A shot of Abe Stowell's wedding reception at La Costa - what year was that, Abe?
Gordon Teaby & friend on left, then Rolyn & Harold Weigand, and Jim Phillips. How come we all weren't invited????
Maybe that is why Abe has his back to the camera......

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