Welcome to my Ahnentafel Page, which will always be under construction.. Are they ever completed? If you find you connnect to a mutual ancestor, please do e-mail me  Hope you will stop by often and maybe we can connect to a common family.   Wouldn't that be wonderful?  I hope to find many, many new cousins and I am always happy to share information. I am always reminded of the saying I saw once - "I think that I shall never see - a finished genealogy!" Is that ever true!

You need to know the definition of an Ahnentafel, - It is the German name that basically means Ancestor Table and had a definite way of numbering system used to identify each person in an ancestor lineage. The simple formula is that a person's father is double that of the one you are looking at. If I am #1, my father is #2 and my mother is #3 and it just goes on ( and on) that way - doubling for each person! Easiest numbering system that I have ever found........

I have placed asterisk** in front of the ancestors that were in the western Virginia areas.  This will make it easy for those of you who just might have family in this same area. As you can see, many of my fathers' family were in that area. I always say my heart lies in West Virginia.

    I have started with my father and taken myself off due to danger of identity fraud problems in today's world.  I am sure you will understand!

                                                          Virginia/West Virginia Queries

  This page will always be under construction! I sure hope you find that one of my ancestor's is ALSO yours!