Grand-pop Bolton purchased the farm in 1933.  The 28 acre property was purchased to raise chickens.   In 1945 he started raising a few turkeys and soon after that raised turkeys exclusively.  He worked everyday up until 1997 at the age of 93.  His son Charles took over the farm in 1978.  Today Charles still owns the farm and he and his son Todd run the farming operation.   The farm market was opened in 1989 and is managed by Charles’ daughter Torrie and his wife Faye.  This is truly a small family business.

      We raise about 15,000 turkeys each year from start to finish.  We breed all of our turkeys using artificial insemination.  We have about 75 toms (males) and 550 hens (that would be the ladies) that lay all of our eggs.  We have our own incubator and hatch all our poults (baby turkeys).  We then raise them to maturity using our crops and those of neighboring farms.  We do not give our turkeys anything unnatural.  We do not feed them antibiotics or growth hormones.  We do not feed them anything to make them grow faster.  We raise and process all of our turkeys here on the property and sell all our turkeys through our market.  You can only buy a Bolton Turkey here in our market.

      We received many requests for chickens that were raised naturally like our turkeys.  Therefore, we started raising chickens to sell in the market.  We raise approximately 12,000 chickens a year.  We buy our chicks at 1 day old and raise them the same way we do our turkeys.

      We raise our own Black Angus beef also.  And as with everything else, we do not feed them antibiotics or growth hormones.  They are fed corn, hay, and able to graze three quarters of the year.  You have to check out our selection of beef in our market!

       The market is open year round six days a week.  We sell milk in glass bottles that comes from a neighboring farm (they do not feed hormones or antibiotics to their cows either).  We sell local produce when it is in season.  All the meat and poultry in our market is raised on our farm and sold in many different wonderful products.

        Because we raise all our meats right here, we can assure you of what exactly you are getting and what you are not.  If you have any special dietary needs, just ask us about how we might help.