Ampeg Reverberocket 2


Front with 1 x 12 cab

This amp sounds fantastic & has one of the best tremolo circuits I've heard. The reverb is also excellent, but hummed way too much too use.

The following will show how I resolved that issue.


Ampeg original back(1)

Original back design. Reverb hum is too annoying to be functional.



New back with flip down panel for reverb tank. Removing the tank from the head virtually eliminated the hum. (The tank is shielded on top with an extra piece of steel. It may look crude, but it does cut a little more hum out.)



Closed for transportation.



I used the piece of wood which was the original tube shield on the inside of the cabinet bottom. This creates a nice storage spot for fuses, extra tubes, etc.


Special thanks to Jeff Bober (Amp Man) for confirming that the reverb hum that was driving me crazy was a matter of placement!


This is what happens when I think outside the box!


sorry, but I just couldn't help the pun ; )