MST Workshop

MST Workshop is an interactive visual programing language. It uses an electronic circuit metaphor to create programs. You place components on the workspace and connect them together. MST Workshop has hundreds of components. Some are simple like the component that can add two numbers. Others can carry out complex functions like FTP-ing a file to the internet or Fast Fourier Transforming an array of a thousand numbers. MST Workshop has many graphic elements that display data on the workspace. In addition there are 2-D and 3-D windows that can support much more complex graphics


Click here to download version 5.4.6.




Here are some youtube videos showing how to do some simple tasks in MST Workshop. Be sure to click the "watch in HD" text in the lower right of the video.

Lesson 1 Constant and Display
Lesson 2 Time
Lesson 3 Digital Logic
Lesson 4 Arrays
Lesson 5 Two Dimensional Plotting
Lesson 6 Sine and Cosine
Lesson 7 ArcTangent
Lesson 8A Digital Car Simulation
Lesson 8B Digital Car Simulation
Lesson 8C Digital Car Simulation
Lesson 9 Subroutines and Integrated Circuits
Lesson 10 Astronomy sunrise
Lesson 11 Sound
Lesson 12A1 Creating 3D Objects finger
Lesson 12A2 Creating 3D Objects finger
Lesson 12B Creating 3D Objects finger
Lesson 12C Creating 3D Objects finger
Lesson 12D Creating 3D Objects fingers with palm
Lesson 12E Creating 3D Objects hand
Lesson 13A Astronomy solar system
Lesson 13B Astronomy solar system
Lesson 14 Sound MIDI send
Lesson 15 3 D Array of cubes
Lesson 16 Image Processing
Lesson 17 Sound Audio Capture
Lesson 18 Digital Car and Gate

Tom Pandolfi