Tom Gettys' Polyhedra Hyperpages

A Stellation of the Icosahedron

I have enjoyed building models of polyhedra, such as the one pictured above, for many years now. My interest in computers and telecommunications goes back even further (back to the days when keyboards were considered peripherals!).

Not too long ago I discovered raytracing, a wonderous way to create three-dimensional photo-realistic images, without physical limits of any kind. Here, for example, is a raytraced animation of a rotating 4-dimensional cube projected into 3-space (fun stuff!) [301K AVI]

rednote.gif And now, with the advent of the World Wide Web, it has become possible to combine all of these passions together in this pictorial essay on Polyhedral Solids.


Unit Origami

NEW! I have recently gotten into Unit Origami. This is similar to traditional Origami but the pieces are composed of several sheets of paper folded the same way and then folded together. Most of what I have made are elegant gift boxes with interesting variations.
Kusudama is another form of origami that again uses several sheets of paper to make charming, decorative balls for festive occasions. Kusudama may be used as ornaments to decorate a table or tree, or simply to provide colorful highlights to a room.
Click here to see Pictures of folded paper.

"Know my links, know me" - ancient WWWeb proverb

The wisdom of the unsung anonymous Web Surfer rings true today, as if it ever did, provoking you to consider my Recommended Web Sites. rednote.gif

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Information on playing MIDI music files rednote.gif

I have posted the POV source for many polyhedra and some other files for downloading in my Files Directory.

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