Playing MIDI Music Files

MIDI music files are very compact compared to other forms of sound files, so that they transfer quickly. This is becaause MIDI files contain information that describe a piece of music, not the music itself. It is the responsibility of your sound card to synthesize the sounds of the various instruments and so on.

In order to play the MIDI music files offered here your computer must be equipted with a sound card and a MIDI player program. If you are using Netscape for Windows, I recommend MIDIGATE.

If you are using another platform, the following MIDI-related sites may be of help in getting your system set up to play MIDI files. You will also find a large number of MIDI music files at some of them.

pinkball.gif Harmony Central
pinkball.gif Yahoo MIDI
pinkball.gif the MIDI Homepage
pinkball.gif The Classical MIDI archives

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Page created : August 8, 1995