Pictures of my Origami

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Origami Boxes

Red & Black Lightning Green Flowers Red Flowers Green Fancy Vortex

Lavender Flowers White Butterflies Four Irises Pink Box with Butterfly

Lavender Pinwheel Red & Stripes Pinwheel Pink & Purple Pinwheel Fiery Pinwheel

Orange & White Butterflys Green Hydrangea Green Fancy Pinwheel Blue Fancy Pinwheel

Brown Lightning Bolt Lavender Flowers Blue Small Flower Octagon Twin Stars Octagon

Orange Pinwheel Blue Triangle Orange Leaf Flowers Red-Brown Vortex

Red Tsuzura Red Lightning Tsuzura Blue Leaf Pinwheel Blue-Pink Hexagon

Pinwheel Hexagon Orange-Purple Hexagon Green Leaf Vortex Triangle flowers

Two Hearts Yellow Small Flower Octagon You found me! My alter ego


Double Stoppers Double Stoppers Square Tablet Stoppers Square Tablet Stoppers

Chrysanthemum Kusudama Chrysanthemum with Flowers Clustered Flower Lantern Pinwheel Cube

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