Frankie Rowe's tear jerking display endeared her to Randle and Schmitt right away but is her story true? (Rodden 26)

Chapter 16: Where’s the fire?

By Timothy Printy 1999 (updated March 2009)

According to the Randle and Schmitt story, Frankie Rowe’s father Dan Dwyer was part of a firefighting team that responded to a call that there was a crashed plane north of town. In another conflict with the Ragsdale/Kaufmann scenario, Frankie states that her father showed up to see the spaceship and aliens. However, the military was, again, curiously absent. Instead, Frankie states that her father discovers the police being present and that several of the aliens were placed in body bags. Even more interesting is that one of the aliens was alive! After some of the aliens were in body bags, the military showed up to cordon of the area. One wonders aloud, "Who put the bodies in the body bags?" We don’t know and have to assume that some sort of morgue unit from Roswell or the state police had done so. However, Frank Kaufmann stated they were placed in body bags by a team of specialists. The military supposedly told the entire fireteam not to talk to anyone about the event. So Dan goes home and immediately tells the wife and kids.

Shortly after this incident, Frankie is at the firehouse and a state trooper shows up with a piece of the mystery metal he picked up as a souvenir. She told Karl Pflock that it, "flowed like quicksilver (mercury) when you laid it on the table" (Pflock 107). This is interesting since it implies liquid properties and not a stiff metal described by Marcel and others. Her contact with the metal suddenly puts Frankie in the center of the story. The military comes to their house and then makes threatening statements if Frankie ever talks about the matter. The man in charge (whom Frankie never names) threatens her and her family by stating that if she tells anyone of the story then "…they could take us out in the desert, and no one would ever find us again" (Randle and Schmitt Truth 89). So Frankie kept her mouth shut for over forty years until Randle and Schmitt came knocking at her door.

Alas, we find problems with the story Frankie tells us. Her description of the firetruck exiting the area of Roswell was very suspicious to Karl Pflock. He asked the other firemen, who were still alive, if they could recall the incident. Not one of these individuals recalls such a situation that could resemble this. More interesting to note is that the city of Roswell only had TWO fire trucks and the trucks rarely went outside of city limits because it would leave the town defenseless. Thirty miles would be unheard of sending a bunch of fire trucks. Kevin Randle researched this and discovered that there were some trips outside of the Roswell area but no records of the trip Frankie mentions. If it were an airplane crash, wouldn't they have referred it to the air base to take care of as they had the equipment to deal with such an event? Frankie also states that these events occurred after she had a tonsillectomy. However, Karl Pflock states that there are no records during this time period indicating such an operation happened.

As for the site, we assume that Frankie told Randle the site was where Kaufmann said it was. However, in November 1998, Frankie stated that it was close to "Blackwater Draw" (Rodden 26). Using topographic maps, I could only find one Blackwater Draw near Roswell. This was 20-30 miles WNW of Roswell. This is in the direction of Ragsdale's second site and not the Kaufmann site! Blackwater draw is not even close to Kaufmann’s location. Therefore, Rowe refutes the existence of a crash site located where Frank Kaufmann said it was.

In 2009, Kevin Randle and Anthony Bragalia revealed that they found a fireman that did confirm Frankie's story and, through this testimony, proved her story was true. It seems that Randle and Bragalia's standards of proof are pretty low and they seem more than willing to believe it at face value. More critically thinking people are going to ask the obvious question of how much was this person's testimony affected by Rowe's story, which had been in the media for over a decade.  Did the "fireman" ever hear Frankie's story before? Did somebody tell him what to say to these investigators? Did Karl Pflock, who stated he had talked to the firemen, ever talk to him and what did he tell Karl? These questions will probably never be answered. Randle and Bragalia are going to make sure that nobody talks to the man and will not reveal his name. Is it to maintain privacy or is it to prevent somebody from interviewing him and discovering a different story? Considering the issues associated with contamination by the Roswell story, which had already been established and broadcast just about everywhere, it is hard to accept this story as nothing more than some old guy repeating what he has heard in more recent years.  Unless some real concrete evidence (i.e. documents from 1947) surfaced to support the Rowe/Fireman story, then it is simply just another Roswell story that can not be verified.  To say this story proves anything is stretching the definition of proof.

Rowe’s story has holes in it and one has to wonder why she did not recall any names of men who openly threatened her family. Certainly, getting names of a person who is unjustly threatening you is important if you want to lodge a complaint. Her parents never bothered and Frankie can recall everything but the man’s name (Note: In the recent book by Carey and Schmitt she finally picked the offender out). As of this writing in 1999, not one person, who was involved in making threats to any locals, has ever stepped forward to ask forgiveness. So who was out directing these people to threaten the local populace? We have to move back the RAAF to find out. There the provost marshal would have been worried about security and it would have been his role to send MPs out to keep the locals quiet.


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