This note is supposed to be the deathbed confession of Patrick Saunders but is it? (Randle Online)

Chapter 19: Here’s the Truth!

By Timothy Printy 1999 Updated November 2008

Kevin Randle’s preoccupation with information produced by people who die reaches a peak when it comes to a man named Patrick Saunders. Saunders was the 509th adjutant for a short period of time in July 1947 and could possibly know about the whole event. When asked about Roswell, Saunders stated he knew nothing about the little green bodies and said that the whole thing was a big joke. Kevin Randle was perplexed and appeared to give up on Saunders until he died in 1995. Now we discover that Saunders wrote in the flyleaf of at least one copy of the book, The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell, "Here’s the truth and I still haven't told anybody anything" (Randle Randle 203). Then Randle states that he told all his close friends all about it in the months before he died. If this is true, why didn't he call Randle up and tell him the "whole truth"? Randle supposedly has this copy of the book. I originally felt that this was a figment of his imagination since he did not publish a copy of this note in any of his books. However, Randle published an image of this note on the web at one point. I was surprised and it is signed "Pat" (Randle Online). Randle contemplates that Saunders may have been pulling his leg but then dismisses it. Nobody knows the context of the "message" and I still contend that the document should be verified that it comes from Saunders own handwriting. After all, there have been plenty of forgeries in the Roswell story. The forger could expect to find some way to endorse the tale. Until, one can state this comes from Saunders own handwriting, can it be some form of endorsement of the crash.

According to Randle, Saunders was going to make a videotape of his story before he died but never got around to it. Randle states Saunders is a key player because, "Patrick Saunders was the base adjutant in 1947. The recovery operation couldn't have gone forward without his knowledge because he would have been responsible for all the paperwork that would have been generated. He would have had to know" (Randle Online). What Randle fails to mention is that there was no paperwork found concerning any crash! What is he supposed to be doing? Generating and then immediately destroying the paperwork? Maybe he was telling everyone not to generate paperwork. Then how come he is never mentioned by any of the other witnesses about being told not to generate reports/paperwork? What was Saunders "need to know" and why would he be involved at all? I see no proof that Saunders was involved except for this fleeting note. If Saunders really wanted to confess he would have written something a bit more informative. I seriously question the authenticity of this document and question the context in which the message was written.

Then there is the question of how accurate can this be when many of the principle witnesses in the book have been shown to be lying and much of what was in the book inaccurate. How can this book be a reflection of what really happened if so much is wrong?

If there were a saucer crash in the desert outside of Roswell, the craft could only have been shipped to one place, Wright field in Ohio. However, very few people even mention any form of alien craft being stored there. That is, until Schmitt and Randle produced General Arthur Exon.

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