Chapter 30: The truth shall set you free!

By Timothy Printy 1999

"The Roswell Incident," as this has been called, is the cornerstone of modern UFOlogy. Unfortunately, many of the proponents accept the most meager testimony that is 30-50 years old and print all of it as fact. They commonly omit key statements that reveal the truth behind those tales. Even more interesting that after almost twenty years of "investigation", nothing has become clear about the events. In reality, the situation is now MORE confusing. There are no solid dates for the "crash" and there is no fixed crash site for the saucer (although the debris field, amazingly, remains at a fixed site). The number of bodies’ changes, some witnesses’ say one was alive, others say they were all dead. The investigation has yet to produce one solid story line (other than the fact that debris was discovered on and retrieved from the Foster Ranch) that is not contradicted by other witnesses. The best explanation to date remains the 1994 Air Force report and Project Mogul. This is why both Kevin Randle and Stanton Friedman attack it so much. It is logical and offers a very plausible solution to the puzzle. Karl Pflock, Robert Todd, and Kent Jeffrey have realized that this was the answer after careful investigation. You can never convince the "faithful" but if the public knew the "truth" about how the authors have tried to "con" them, I think Roswell would die a certain death. However, this "truth" is hidden and the only thing people really know about Roswell is the fable created in the minds of a few people who have exaggerated many of the events and, in some cases, have lied about their participation. A small core of individuals who have no shame, no limits to their deceit, and will do ANYTHING in order to present their flawed versions of the event, push these people along to produce even more extraordinary tales. What landed on the Foster Ranch was not debris from a saucer and it wasn’t Dorothy’s house (New Mexico is not in Kansas after all). It was, in all probability, flight #4 from the NYU project. The evidence is there, all one has to do is examine it.

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