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Malata MDVD-6838 with
20,000 Karaoke songs

. DVD Player
.VCD Player

.CD Player
. Karaoke Player

Professional Grade. US version, US warranty !
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Model 6838 is the latest model from Malata with Digital Recording of your own singing and many more features than older models 6828 and 6818.


  • Along with over 20,000 karaoke songs in one disc, over 4000 of which with singing by professional singers (could be muted, or automatically mixed with your voice)

  • 10 styles of dance music and 4 kinds of festival music to be played in a family party

  • Digital recording function, record your own singing

  • Particular message function.

  • Various intelligent song order model & edition function; Create your favorite song list.

  • Auto-score calculation function for great fun for your family or party

  • Simultaneous progressive scan and interlaced video

  • MPEG2, Dolby AC-3 decoding output or two channel analog output

  • Midi DVD, DVD (all regions), CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD audio and MP3 discs compatible

  • Composite video, S-Video, Y/Pb(Cb)/Pr(Cr) or RGB, Optical, 5.1 CH output jacks

  • Intelligent software upgrading



It comes with 2 books (hard cover) of titles of over 20,000 songs (about 10000 Chinese, 4000 English, 2000 Korean, 2000 Vietnamese,  1000 Philippine, 500 Japanese and other songs. Also about 300 children songs) and a remote control.

The lyrics are in Traditional Chinese on the screen for Chinese songs, while the song titles are printed in Simplified Chinese.

Auto dual voltage: 110 v

MD-2500 2 Professional Dynamic microphones (optional)


1 year limited warranty:

1. Parts: If the products is determined to have a manufacturing defect, within a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, We will repair or replace the product parts at no charge to you in the U.S.A. and Canada. After the first 90 days of the original purchase, the labor charge for the servicing your products will be at your expense.
2. Labor: Additionally, within a period of 90 days from the date of original purchase, We at its own discretion, will service your products by repair or replacement at no charge to you in the U.S.A. and Canada. After 90 days, all labor charges will be at your expense.

The Chinese Version (product purchased or shipped from China) MDVD Karaoke players are known to have problems after few weeks usage in US or Canada. Our America service centers will NOT service a defective item purchased / shipped from China.