The Night Sky Observer's Guide

If you are reading this, you probably own or have access to the two volume set of The Night Sky Observer’s Guide by George Robert Kepple and Glen Sanner.  Both men have been life long amateur astronomers and while both now live and are able to observe with great frequency in southeastern Arizona, they originally began their pursuit of astronomy under the less than friendly skies of cloudy, southwestern Pennsylvania.  While living in Pennsylvania, both hosted many star parties at their homes, lectured on various astronomical topics and were long-time members and officers of the Kiski Astronomers amateur astronomers club.  Both men have since been elected Honorary Members of the Kiski Astronomers.


As you may already know, The Night Sky Observer’s Guide is a derivative of The Observer’s Guide, the bimonthly journal Kepple and Sanner originally published.  The current books list virtually every object within reach of today’s moderate to large amateur instruments.  As the books themselves relate, while double and variable stars were not neglected, emphasis was placed upon the observation of nebulae, clusters and galaxies.


The aforementioned Kiski Astronomers is a small rural astronomy club located near Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.  Its members, in cooperation with Kepple and Sanner, thought it might be interesting to offer certificates to recognize those who have successfully observed the more distinctive objects listed in the two Kepple and Sanner volumes.  As was done by the naming of asteroids after them by David Healy, the Kiski Astronomers are organizing this program to honor George and Glen in recognition of the tremendous effort that was required to produce The Night Sky Observer’s Guide.   


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