Intimidator Number 1 - Black/Blue Dust Fade 2K2 - Sold, Fall 2003

My 1st Intimidator.  2K2 Blue Black Dust fade.  I did it up with the paintball pins trigger guard and eye covers but the pewter was a bit over the top after a while.


After having technical issues with it (I had no clue what I was doing in terms of maintenance at this point in my Intimidator Owner life), and after breaking an eye cover screw off into the body, I sold this to finance my Texas Storm Intimidator in 03.


Intimidator Number 2 - Black/Silver Polished 2K2 - Sold, Fall 2005

This was my first Intimidator where I actually knew what I was doing in terms of the mainainence.  It was a lovely Black-Silver 2K2 polished marker that I bought in April of 03.  It was incredibly reliable and was my primary marker right up until I bought the Texas Storm, at which point it because the marker of choice to lend out to friends who were playing with me.  


Another pic of the 2K2 before I ditched the drop forward and Smart Parts barrels.  I sold this guy in the Fall of 2005 to a friend of mine and he's using her now to mow down players.  


Intimidator Number 3 - Black Polished Texas Storm Intimidator

Probably my all time favorite Intimidator.  This ninja black TX Storm is a beast.  It's been my most consistent Timmy to date.  I bought this in the fall of 2003 and it just broke in nicely.  This is the marker I used when I played at IAO in 2004.  It's relegated to backup status now but it's still a beast.


Here's some newer pictures I took the other day. Unfortunately they didn't come out real well due to the setting sun but I'll have to get some more taken. This is probably the most consistent Intimidator I've owned. It's easily had over 200 cases shot through it with no problems.  


Intimidator Number 4 - Black Polished Ripper 2 Intimidator

By and large, this is my favorite Intimidator.  I had issues with the stock torpedo so I tossed a 2-Liter on there and it's been a beast ever since. It's also the recipient of my first Techna Scythe trigger.  I use the Frenzy 127 board that Terry Fong was kind enough to hook me up with.  This was one of the first run of Rippers and I paid a small fortune to Pevs for it the week they were released.  I bought this guy in the Fall of 2004 and it's currently my primary gun.    It's mowed more people at PEVS@AG than I care to think about.  


Intimidator Number 5 - Black/Blue Polished Classic Ripper


This was my project marker.  I had been looking for a Classic Ripper for a while but hadn't really seen much that I liked.  I got a call from one of the store employees at Pevs.  One of the team guys, who was away at school, needed some cash and was selling his Ripper.  The price was right, so in the March of 2005, I ponied up and bought this as a project marker.  It had a 2K2 grip frame, needed a new reg, board and ASA.  After 2 months the noid went (you'll have that after 5 years) and I put on a new trigger and bolt as well.  In December of 2005, I bought an Empire Frame and 2K5 internals for this baby.  After some TLC and some intense work by Hoover of Pevs Fairfax, this baby is now mowing people down.  I originally had dualies on there, as you can see from the bottom pictures, however they began to irritate me, so I had the body tapped and added an Alias Front Block which lowers the profile and gives it better performance.    


Excalibur Number 1 - Turquoise/Black Sponge Anno - EX#00017

After shooting Intimidators for several years, I bit the bullet and branched out a bit.  My friends Patrick and Carl had raved about Vikings and Excaliburs for several years.  After seeing a significant number of dejected players hit the deadbox as a result of their markers I couldn't disagree with the results.  My buddy Joe snagged a Viking last fall and I decided it was time for me to buy an AKA toy as well.  I found this whip on AKA OG and the Serial Number happens to be my Lucky Number.  I sunk a few bones into it to give it a new board (WAS 1.6) and trigger (JMJ NURVous).  Jared from DC also did some extensive work to bring this guy back to life and into 2007 (eyes, LED, etc.) but it rips with the best of them now.


Intimidator Number 6 - Gloss Black, 2K5'd GZ

During a discussion while watching the Super Bowl this year, several of us were talking about what our next marker would be.  I casually mentioned that I wouldn't mind getting a used GZ to tinker with a bit.  Two days later, my buddy Joe found one on PBN for less than $200.  After shipping it to me, ordering a 2K5 frame, some internals and after selling off some of the unneeded GZ parts, I sent the marker off to Anodizing at PBCustomz.  A few weeks later, I had a gloss black beauty that looks nothing like the ugly gunmetal blue marker I had before.  All said and done, I only spent about $300 for this guy.  Quite a good price for such a great marker!


Viking Number 1 - Dust Black 2004 - #B2526 SOLD, Fall 2006.

Apparently, the Excalibur did little more than whet my appetite for AKA. I found a nice 2004 for $325 and scooped it up. Ironically it had been owned previously by a friend of mine that plays at Pevs. He traded/sold it for his current Excalibur. I had to do some work to the Viking and eventually put in a Tadao board and JMJ Nurvous trigger. Later in the fall of 2006, I had an opportunity to get a Featherlight Viking in the color/style that I wanted so I sold this marker to finance the new one.


Intimidator Number 7 - Gloss Black Ripper 3 Intimidator

Terry Fong was nice enough to give me early dibs on this incredibly hot marker. At the time I received it, this Ripper was a one of 9 pre-production run marker. After shooting it for nearly a month, it's the best marker I own. I put an Infamous M6 board in the marker and have tossed in a Techna since I bought it last fall. This beast is ungodly light, has no kick and looks amazing! Another great job from BOB! Big thanks to Terry for letting me in on this!


Viking Number 2 - Gloss Black Featherlight Viking #B2113

My friend Carl started to sell off some of his markers in the fall of 2006. He had gotten tied down with more important things like work and family and had a kick ass Featherlight Viking. Being that I was intending to have my Viking milled and done gloss black, it was just easier to buy his and sell my old Viking. I tossed the Tadao board in here and it's ready to rock and roll! I just can't get enough of the AKA markers. The featherlight milling is amazing...it's also just that...feather light. If only AKA hadn't settled with Smart Parts. Damn how I hate Adam and Billy Gardner.