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This Is What FPT Is All About!

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PCC Car 2168 Is Scene At B.S.M. On Aug 5, 2009




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The Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys (FPT) members are interested in Philadelphia’s history and the role that electric trolleys played in the City’s development.  We are also interested  preserving the historic trolleys which ran in the Philadelphia area (PTC, SEPTA and Red Arrow)

FPT is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation.  Donations to FPT are tax deductible.  Our charter states “FPT is a non-profit group that will foster the restoration, preservation, of historic trolley cars.  FPT plans to further its goals through membership fees, donations and by sponsoring special events. 

Here is your chance to help maintain and preserve this unique resource.  But it takes money!  For starters, please send $35.00 for a one year’s membership to become one of the “Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys”.  Tax deductible donations in any amount are also appreciated.  You can make a difference by making a tax-deductible donation.

Membership dues are due in April, please put you membership number on the check. New members will get their membership number when they sign up. Membership runs from July 1 to June 30



It's kind of messy, but 2168 ventured out for the first time yesterday looking like it needed just one more color.  The move outside was part of a major car shuffling that saw 7303 go inside for the first time and sweeper C-145 run for the first time on its' new broad gauge trucks.2168 had been reguaged a few weeks ago.  Full body repairs and a complete repainting are being undertaken at this time under the sponsorship of the Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys,  who would love to have you join if you aren't already a member. 

 John Engleman 

July 06, 2008




FPT is proud to announce the award of  grants totaling $12,301 to Baltimore Streetcar Museum for the acquisition of Philadelphia PCC Car 2168 and the transportation of this car to its new indoor storage location at the  Baltimore museum. The grant money provided by the Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys covered 100% of the costs to acquire and transport this historic Philadelphia PCC car to Baltimore.

PCC  Car 2168 June 21,2005 on Island Ave


More Photos and info on PCC 2168


F.P.T. has awarded a grants of $3000.00 to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, PA for  PTC 8042.

 Photo by Robert Fleming on May 6th, during Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Grand Opening celebration of the new trolley display building.




F.P.T. has awarded a grants of $4,100 to the Rockhill Trolley Museum for PCC Car 2743

Photo By Joel Salomon 





FPT, Inc. is currently working to provide funding for the maintenance

and preservation of four of Philadelphia’s trolley treasures.

If you would like to be part of this preservation project,

you can make a tax deductible donation to FPT, Inc.

For every $10.00 donated, FPT will put your name into a drawing for

a St. Petersburg Tram Collection 1:48 scale museum-quality model.

For a $50.00 donation, your name will go in 6 times.

The current model to be awarded is TBA


Raffle Form


 First Winner Was Dr. Michael Gehl

 Second Winner Was Chris McNally

 Third Winner Was Dr. Michael Gehl

Forth Winner Was Bob Hughes

Fifth Winner was Dave Horwitz

Six Winner is Andy Burger 



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SEPTA Museum Store

The Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys would like to announce that all of are members will receive ten percent off of all select items at the SEPTA Museum Store. All you will need to do is to show them your membership card. You may also order F.P.T. cups and T-Shirts from the SEPTA Store. For more info you can contact the Museum Store at (215) 580-7168 or go to their web page at

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The FPT encourages you to visit and support the following museums where 

Philadelphia trolley cars are preserved.


Baltimore Streetcar Museum Rockhill Trolley Museum Seashore Trolley Museum
  Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Electric City Trolley Museum


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PCC Car 2168


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Photos Of FPT Charters

FPT Charter  September 18, 2005

FPT Charter July 23, 2006

FPT Charter October 15, 2006


If you have any question please contact, Harry Donahue, Dave Horwitz, Bill Monaghan or Matt Nawn. 


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