PCC Car 2168

Baltimore Streetcar Museum



PCC car 2168 at Falls Road 6/21/05

Photo By Charles Plantholt



Photo By  Carl Merson 


Photo By Charles Plantholt


Photo By Carl Merson 


Photo By Charles Plantholt



PCC Car #2168 was loaded at Elmwood Depot on June 20, 2005 and arrived in Baltimore Streetcar Museum (BSM.) on June 21,2005. The car is now safely stored inside the carbarn at the BSM. 

The Founding Members of the Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys are delighted that PCC Car 2168 will be preserved for future generations to enjoy and has been acquired by a museum which has a proactive approach to vehicle preservation and restoration. We thank the Baltimore Streetcar Museum for letting us play a role in the preservation of this historic streetcar. The original goal of the Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys was to ensure the long-term preservation of PCC Car 2168. We are very pleased to see this goal has become reality and express our sincere gratitude to all of our members and contributors who are the reason this goal was achieved. Much work will need to be done to PCC Car 2168 to make it available for public operation at BSM, but the car has been saved and FPT sincerely thanks those that made this possible. To date, FPT has awarded a total of $4001 in grants to the BSM. 

If you are not already an FPT Member, now is a great time to join! Material is being compiled at present for the next issue of The Streamliner, FPT's quarterly newsletter. The next issue will discuss further details of the grants to Pennsylvania Trolley Museum and Baltimore Streetcar Museum, a complete history of PCC Car 2168, recent photos from other museums, and other news and historical details regarding Philadelphia's trolley heritage. Membership entitles you to The Streamliner, discount ticket prices on FPT fantrips, and discounts at several trolley museums. Perhaps most importantly, your dues and donations directly support the grants FPT awards to trolley museums for the preservation of Philadelphia's trolley heritage.

Thank you again to all members and supporters of the Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys for making the preservation of Philadelphia PCC Car #2168 possible and for the Baltimore Streetcar Museum for having the foresight to save this historic streetcar for the enjoyment of future generations.


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