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Healthcare reform is a scam.

 If having healthcare coverage is all it is suppose to be how come the majority of people that claim bankruptcy due to medical bills had insurance? 

We are led to believe that the problem with healthcare is coverage and yet those making all these assumptions appear oblvious to healthcare themselves.  Insurance reform would be a solution to the problem, and all though I criticize government (not so much on them not knowing), but rather their interest in huge payoffs by industry. 

I feel if given the chance to make a decision the average American would fail as well.  The truth is that most Americans don’t understand their own insurance.  Most can’t explain what a deductible is, or out of pocket max.  They have no concept about the pre-authorization process or even if one is needed.  At least a quarter of people on Medicare Advantage plan believes they have Med Advantage and Medicare, not realizing their Med Adv is a Medicare replacement plan, about the same number of people can’t tell you which insurance is primary when they have two or more of them.  So do I feel comfortable with these people making decisions about healthcare for all? 

What a choice eh? 

People that have no idea, and others that have an idea in which they can exploit for personal money reasons. 


There is no doubt that healthcare is a mess.  Dishonesty is the cause.  You have insurance companies denying for medical necessity and you have some providers that are attempting to make a lot of money by doing procedures that aren’t needed. I’m not a fan of private insurance companies, and I’m not always a fan of government, truth be told I would eliminate half of Medicaid.  I want doctors to be honest, in fact I want all people to be honest, but that is not likely to happen and there is the real problem with almost everything we do these days.  Everything has some sort of “Twist” to it, and at the bottom of it all is money. 

Troy Prouty* 



In seattle:


Secretary of Transportation Paula Hammond calls the mayor's intervention "unprecedented" in her 32 years of experience with state highway projects. Experts in soils, drainage and traffic flow are typically involved at this stage of the environmental review, she said, not elected officials.

 comment:  AND yet her transporation Dept actually picked the elevated version of the plan.


Troy Prouty*