Introducing TrueRC 2650mAh Transmitter pack 

for Futaba and Hitec radios.

Futaba TX pack 

Shown here in Futaba 6EX

TrueRC 2650mAh 11.1V Transmitter pack delivers over 4 times the capacity of the stock 600mAh Sanyo pack used these days by Futaba and few other brands including Hitec Car radios 


TrueRC TX Li-polymer battery that has been custom designed to fit well in all Futaba radios requiring NT8F600B or NT8JY batteries. Hitec # 54113, 54115, 54116 and JR part # JRPB9280 (although JR does not have a radio to fit this pack) For JR radios see our 2500mAh pack.


The fit is not exactly perfect. To achieve the maximum possible capacity the battery had to be designed about <1mm thicker then the standard AA cell. It fills most of the battery bay. The only modification required to fit this pack is to remove a ridge on the battery cover. Sharp exacto knife or box cutter should do the trick nicely. The battery cover locking ability will not be affected by this in any way.

Futaba Radio Cover


This battery will deliver over 8 hours of run time and if you are good about turning off your radio after each flight it will last a very long time.


High capacity Li-polymer batteries do not self discharge as fast as the NiCD or NiMH packs when idle and do not require constant charging after every 3-4 flights.


TrueRC 2650mAh pack comes with SMH250-5pin balance connectors. Compatible with e-Station, Apache, Polyquest and Hyperion balancers.

AF Blinky can be easily adapted by moving one pin on the connector

Adapters are available for TP (SMH200-4pin) and Eflite (JST XH 4pin)style connectors


The main battery connector is the same as seen on NT8F600B packs. 


Charging: This battery requires a Li-polymer charger. Maximum charge rate should be set to 2.6A (2600mA) and 11.1V. Charge as a 3 cell.


Using stock wall charger that came with the radio will damage the battery and most likely property around it.



Note: Most if not all Futaba radios use an in line Diode that is wired to the charge socket on your Transmitter. This diode prevents Li-polymer battery from charging properly.


We recommend that you completely remove Li-polymer TX pack from the radio to charge. Or use one of our SMP250 to Deans Ultra adapters to charge via balance plug with the open cover and the Main connector still plugged in


You also have another option, Jump (bypass) the Diode with a small wire. This is a pretty popular modification, but do it at your own risk. The mod sheets can be found on Peak Electronics web page. The bypass mod allows for charging and cycle of the battery inside the TX while using the standard charge port.

TrueRC 2650mAh TX pack 



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TP balancer adapter

Thunder Power adapter $5


ALIGN, Eflite balancer/charger adapter

Eflite ,EQUINOX adapter $5


 DN POWER / CSRC balancer/charger adapter

DN POWER / CSRC adapter $5