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Lip Flexibilities
For All Brass Instruments

By Bai Lin. An extraordinarily well organized 40-page book of flexibility studies which spans the elementary to advanced levels. A new standard text for brass embouchure flexibility which deservedly joins the pantheon of other such studies by Schlossberg, Irons, Colin, Smith, etc. It has become a staple of the trumpet pedagogical literature since 1996.

The Embouchure Builder
by Lowell Little

Embouchure Builder is supplementary study to be used along with any standard instruction book. The studies are excellent for use in the warm-up period prior to each daily session of practice. The technicality of the fingerings is comparatively simple and the studies can be an advantage by young students. This book contains valuable material essential to successful performance not found within standard instructional material.

First Book of Practical Studies
for Cornet & Trumpet

is designed to develop chord consciousness and to provide additional experience in the fundamental rhythms, key signatures and articulations and to improve accuracy in reading through the use of interesting and melodic studies.

Second Book of Practical Studies
or Cornet & Trumpet

Extends the techniques in the First Book and  introduces and develops new techniques and rhythms that will offer a challenge to the intermediate student. The material in this book may more fully develop general musicianship and more feeling for style and interpretation and act as a foundation for solo literature.

Double and Triple Tonguing
A Complete Approach for Trumpet

By Sigmund Hering. One of the most prolifically published trumpet pedagogues of the twentieth century, Sigmund Hering had a number of materials that remained unpublished after his death. The editors have carefully culled through these materials and have compiled this essential book for young trumpet players that offers exercises and etudes that will help them build strong tonguing technique.

240 Double & Triple Tonguing Exercises
by Victor V. Salvo
Designed for the student who are just beginning to double or triple tongue and contains enough material for at least two years work. The range of this book is well within the ability level of young brass players.


Technical Studies for the Cornet
by Herbert L. Clarke

This excellent album contains 190 technical studies for cornet by the celebrated cornet maestro Herbert L.Clarke (1867-1945). All aspects are covered here - tonguing, flexibility, fingering, high and low range, breath control, endurance. Make sure you read the author's instructions for each segment.

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