Mark Fastoso's

Colonial Campaigns

Ethiopia 1887-1895

At Cold Wars 2002 I had the opportunity to play in one of Mark Fastoso's Battle of Adowa scenarios for The Sword & the Flame. I had a terrific time and so did everyone else in the game, as far as I could determine. It was a really tense, nicely designed and balanced scenario.

Lo and behold, Mark has assembled ten of his scenarios into a booklet that he's offering for sale. All ten scenarios revolve around the Italians in Ethiopia, a theater that hasn't been explored to exhaustion before. If all ten scenarios are as good as the one I played-and I can only assume they are-then this book should be a valuable addition to your TS&TF library.

Mark graciously made one of his scenarios available to The Colonial Angle. You can download, free of charge, Dabormida's Brigade, the same game I played at Cold Wars. I highly recommend it. If you enjoy it as much as I expect you will, then click over to Mark's website at and get the other nine.

Dabormida's Brigade (Adobe Acrobat format)

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