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Stand To! is a reasonably simple (9 pages, plus weapon tables) set of rules for fighting out colonial skirmishes at a man-to-man scale. It's intended to accommodate four to six players, each controlling up to a dozen firearm troops or 20 spearmen, who want to have a rousing battle in an evening. There are no rosters (unless you want to keep track of your men between games), no written orders, and no complicated charts. Only six-sided dice (in two colors) are used. The listed weapons cover the entire 19th century.

I first began working on these rules back around 1985, as a simplification of the Colonial Skirmish Wargames in Miniature rules from Gamescience. Through six or seven major changes since then they have taken on a life that is wholly their own. Stand To! has been played at Cold Wars, Historicon, Little Wars, and Gencon, not to mention my own dining room and garage.

The rules can be downloaded in three different formats.

The first is PDF (portable document file). This is fully formatted and will look the same no matter what machine it's on. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site) in order to view and print a PDF file.

The second is RTF (rich text format). This preserves most of the original formatting. It can be read by just about any modern word processor, whether PC or Mac. Be warned, however, that even minor differences between my printer and yours can cause the layout to shift in alarming ways. You might need to play with it a bit to get pages to break properly and tables to stack correctly, or it may be perfect on the first try.

The third is HTML. You can preview and print this online or off through any web browser. To save the HTML file for offline viewing, click "View," then "Source" on your browser toolbar. This opens a text reader in your browser displaying the HTML source code for the file. Copy and save that code as an HTML file (filename.htm) and you can view it in your browser at your leisure.

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