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Fostex drivers Fe206E. Solid maple cabinets with maple trim. These cabinets are designed by Steve Deckert of Decware High Fidelity Engineering

These drivers are clear and distinct with the best midrange I have ever heard in a speaker. I am driving these with a 2 watt single ended triode tube amp also from Decware. The source is a modified Sony 685 with a tube stage output directly coming off the DAC. I have a tubed preamp(Decware CSP modified to a CSP2) between the source and the Decware Select amp. The modified Fostex driver in this box puts out at the low end 97db per watt. As many of you know the dynamic range of the music is all in that first watt and with almost a 100 db output in the first watt from these speakers I can hear everything with only a fraction of a watt output.

Full range single driver speakers are usually only found from internet based specialist and boutique audio builders. Most high-end speaker builders are ususally quite expensive but generally provide works of art to their customers who want a special look as well as a sound. Fortunately, there are many alternatives out there on the web for the cost minded audiophile. The internet has created whole industries of small craftsman who are able to reach a wide audience they never could have only a few short years ago.

The box stores don't even come close. I encourage you to research and learn what is out there.





The cabinet build was fairly complex for a novice like myself with several compound miters. The panels needed glue-ups for widening enough for the baffle, tops and bottoms.


The following is a table of the tubes I use in my audio and instrument power amps. Tube rolling is fun.


Audio Tubes                  
      Select CSP Zbox Dec 685 SE34-I quantity comments
Sovtek 5y3G rectifier   x       1  
RCA 5Y3GT rectifier x x       1 McShane
RCA 5V4GA rectifier x         1  
Ruby 5U4G rectifier x         1  
RCA 5U4G rectifier x         1  
Sylvania 5U4G rectifier x         1  
Svetlana EL34           x 4 new
Svetlana SV83 power x         4 matched quad
Svetlana SV83 power x         3  
JJ Tesla EL84 power x         2 matched
Svetlana 6N1P pre x x       3 bronze 6h1n-eb
Amperex 6922 pre x x       2 PQ
Sovtek 6922 pre x x       1 poor reputation
Svetlana 6N1P pre x x       2  
Svetlana 6H1N pre x x     x 3 EB - military
Sylvania 6DJ8 pre x         1 usa
Amperex 6DJ8 pre x         1 Bugle Boy
RCA 12BH7A pre       x      
General Electric 5965 pre       x   2  
Ruby 12AU7 pre       x   1 decware
Guitar amp tubes                  
      Peavey Chandler          
  6BQ5 power x         1 EL84 need one
Chandler 12AX7A pre   x       1 ECC83
  12AX7A pre x x       2 Chinese
Electro-Harmonix 12AX7AEH pre x x       3 Russian


March 18, 2007

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