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About Me

-Years ago, I found myself interested in 3d modeling while attending ITT Technical school for the studies of Computer Aided Drafting.. From the very beginning I had an interest in the creation of products. Automotive design was in part the fabric of my facination, not till around the year 1999 did I find that tool "Rhino3d" that would fit me like glove.

-I got jobs after school doing things such as designing mechanical packages for electronics, such as amplifiers and controllers for home theater audio products. Working along side other engineers is something I find the most fun. I learn so much from others and gained responsibilities working on these projects.

-Prior to my current job, I worked within a team of Engineers, Landscape Architects and Planners. Working along side larger groups within a consulting firm I gain the knowledge of many transportation industries. Creating visulization to represent shelters or enhancing line drawings with a splash of color taking CAD drawings to the next level, these were many of the skills I used. Creating construction documents kept me busy with the engineers, designing transportation systems for highways and roadway intersections. AutoCAD, Microstation, Photoshop, Rhino3d, 3DStudio MAX, and Brazil were just a few tools I used regularly.

-Working today as a CADD detailer, I create fabrication drawings and CNC router files. Making it work is the goal of the project. Taking As-Built information and applying this to Sheet metal and Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) and placing the information onto a building to skin it for a company branding. Branding includes, Toyota Chevron and more. I'm currently new to this industry and find it fits my skills.

Today I create these concepts for pure fun and exploration, the goal is to see one finally take off with my hands at the wheel. With freelance projects croping up each month it is bound to happen with some head scratching, paper doodles and a few pushes of the mouse.

-The other half of my life is a dedicated father and husband. 4 kids keep me quite busy between things.

If you would like more info about me or what I do, please email me



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