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Conceptual Design

Exotic cars that have that nack for looking like motion without movement is where my passion for automotive design lies.

These examples of my work have evolved with the learning of new skills through the years. At a young age I started sketching fast speed machines that would rival my brothers best. My interest in designing went on though CADD in highschool and then onto technical schools, where my ability to draw and focus my attention to details are part of my daily activity.

Some of the examples on this page are at my early development using Rhino3d. Using software that is powered by NURBS, I can create surfaces that are much more complex than previous CAD softwares I used in the past.

Today I use Rhino3d to help others bring form and ideas to the visual reality that would otherwise be a road block. Each project is unique and evolves from basic brain storming to sketches. The power of 3d modeling and rendering help make things visualy come to life.

::Wyatt Turner::

This site is very graphic intensive. Resolution of 1600x1200, and 32bit colors is recommended.
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