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"A Private, All Volunteer, No-Kill, Nonprofit, Foster Care Organization"
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Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment and responsibility. ATTLEBORO FRIENDS of CATS, INC. goal is to match pets with a loving person and/or family that shall provide a quality, permanent home compatible with their special needs. To assure that the cat being adopted is well suited to you, your home and lifestyle, please read and answer each question carefully. To begin the adoption process you must answer all the questions in the following adoption form and than send us your information by either pressing the submit button (see disclaimer) or by printing the application and sending it to us at the above snail mail address or by fax.

    1. Be 18 years of age with verifiable indentification.
    2. Have the consent of all adults in your household.
    3. Have your landlord's consent.
    4. Understand that we have the right to deny your application.
      1. Name
        Day Phone Evening PhoneWork Phone Number
        Address City State Zip

      2. List types of pets owned in the past, most recent first:

        Where is the pet now?

        Where is the pet now?

      3. Veterinarian's Name and address

      4. Have you ever applied and/or adopted from an animal shelter before?
        Yes No

      5. Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter?
        Yes No

      6. Why do you wish to adopt this animal?
        To Breed
        To Sell
        As a Gift
        Personal Companion
        Companion to another pet
        To Catch Rodents

      7. How many adults in your household? Children?Ages

      8. Does anyone in the house have allergies? Yes No

      9. Which household member(s) will take primary responsiblity for the cats care?

      10. Where will the cat be kept during the day & night and how long will the cat be left alone?

      11. Yearly cat care averages $250, plus cats often live longer than 15 years. Will you take responsibility for the cat for its whole life? Yes No

        Requirement: Cats need annual exams and shots!

      12. Will you Spay or Neuter the cat? Yes No

      13. If we call you first, will you allow Attleboro Friends of Cats to visit your home or take a family photo during the cat's life? Yes No

        If no please tell us why not?

      14. Are you familiar with local and state pet ordinances?Yes No

      15. How will you handle litter training, scratching, clawing?

      16. What type of cat do you want to adopt?

        Breed Color
        Adult Kitten doesn't matter
        Male Female doesn't matter
        Indoor only Outdoor only Indoor/Outdoor
        Barn Cat Declawed

        Paste Web Page Url here if you saw the cat online

      17. References



        All photos taken by Attleboro Friends of Cats will become their property and may be used in newsletters, bulletin boards, etc. without prior notice.

        DISCLOSURE: The cat you adopt may be an Attleboro Friends of Cats, Inc. foster care animal (either abandoned or surrendered or TAKEN FROM A SHELTER BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO ROOM and we do not know their history) - Program #1 or a Feline Connection animal (Program #2 - which means a person calls the shelter that needs help due to moving, death in the family, or other reason). Therefore, we are not responsible for a Feline Connection adoption other than giving the owner's name and phone number. You may obtain records from the original owner, ask any behavior questions, vet care, etc.

        By signing below, I certify that the information provided is true, and I authorize investigation of all statments in this application. I understand that any misrepresentation of the facts may result in my losing the privilege of adopting a cat from Attleboro Friends of Cats, Inc.

        DISCLAIMER: If you have file this application on this web site you need to be aware that this is not a safe server environment, there is no encryption of information and your personal infomation recorded in this form could be intercepted and viewed in transit to our e-mail address. By pressing the send button below you acknowledge that you have been informed of this possibility and willnot hold Attleboro Friends of Cats, Inc. responsible for any misdirected or intercepted personal information contained in this application for adoption. If this is not acceptable to you please download the application or print it out and send it snail mail or fax to the phone numbers above. To complete the adoption process you will be required to provide positive identification and to sign this application in front one of our Adoption Couselors.

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