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About Us

Our Goal

We realize that some children just need a little nudge in the right direction, and some need to be carried through their school careers. Either way, we're here to help make the passage as easy on you and your student as possible.

Our Staff

Lisa Strong

Lisa Strong


Education - B.S. Education BYU, California Credentialed Teacher, Registered Dental Assistant

Area of Expertise - Credentialed K-6 all subjects. Specialized in organizational skills, study skills, formatting and editing essays, test prep.

Hobbies - Hiking, biking, visiting new and different places, searching for that magical find, playing with my grandchildren, and baking.

Reflections on tutoring - Of all my teaching experience, this one; individual tutoring; is by far the most rewarding. We get to be part of miracles in students lives as they walk through our door discouraged and confused and leave us confident and prepared. I couldn't want for more in a career.

Gregg Althen

Gregg Althen

Tutor - Math Specialist

Education - B.A. Mathematics, M.S. Mathematical Statistics

Area of Expertise - High School and College in Math, Science and Spanish.

Hobbies - Weightlifting, travelling, playing cards, and doing hundreds and hundreds of math problems (ha, ha ,ha)!

Reflections on tutoring - Effective tutoring is all about the relationship, about finding a way to relate material that can be challenging or simply uncompelling.

Heather Strong

Heather Strong


Education - A.S. Graphics Design, A.S. Communication Graphics

Area of Expertise - Grades 3-10 in Math, Reading, Writing papers, and making History less boring.

Hobbies - Photography, painting, reading, hiking, drawing, and hanging out with my friends and family.

Reflections on tutoring - I believe anyone can understand any subject. It simply depends on individual learning methods. I really love taking the time to figure out a different way of explaining a concept to be rewarded with watching a face light up when they finally get it.

Maddie Richter


Education - Currently a High School Senior

Area of Expertise - Elementary and Middle School in Biology and Algebra.

Hobbies - I love to sing and act. I also like to read and play volleyball.

Reflections on tutoring - Tutoring has been very rewarding. I enjoy watching the kids develop an understanding of what I try to teach them. Plus, it's been great review for SAT's!

Sam Stoddard

Sam Stoddard


Education - I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Area of Expertise - Middle School Math and Sciene.

Hobbies - I enjoy reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, playing video games, watching movies, and socializing with friends.

Reflections on tutoring - I love tutoring for the moments when a student's eyes light up as he finally understands a concept he's been struggling with.

Lisa Strong

Diana Strong


Education - A.S. Elementary Education

Area of Expertise - K-8 grades. Spanish any level.

Hobbies - I like to paint, draw, sleep, and play with my daughter Lilly.

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