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Working on Homework

We offer a specialized program for your student to help them learn the basic concepts of math that may have been overlooked. These range from pre-school concepts, such as numbers, all the way to higher math, such as geometry and calculus.

We are well equipped to tutor math in the following catagories:

If your child needs help in any other sections of math, please feel free to call us!


Working on Homework

With growing classroom sizes, it's easy for your child to miss out on basic reading skills which, when learned, will help them excel all the way through college!
We use the SRA curriculum, a proven leader in reading remediation. We assess your students skills, then place them at the proper level and move them ahead at their own pace. It is common to advance a student a full grade level in 3 months (depending upon the number of sessions attended).

Concepts taught include phonics, sight words, fluency, comprehension, following directions, identifying inferences and more!

Aside from our custom programs, our tutors will read along with your child in an effort to identify any difficulties your child may be having and make sure that they fully understand these concepts.


Working on Homework

We know how tough the school day can be, not to mention throwing in all the homework on top of it! Let us ease this part of your day by ensuring the homework gets done and done right! We will coach your student and correct all assignments - ensuring top grades on homework. Best of all - students and their parents get to enjoy their evenings without the homework hassle.

Our tutors will help with organization (so that those completed assignments are easy to find and turn in) as well as fill in any concepts that might have been missed during the lessons that day. Staying on top of assignments is critical to good grades.

Give your child a head start on their year!

Praise for TutorMax

Parents and teachers alike have many great things to say about TutorMax!

My child was having a terrible time trying to keep up with the homework! We would spend hours fighting to get it done every night. It was really starting to cause problems in our home.
But now, thanks to TutorMax, we have a happy home again! Homework is done on time, and my child has a confidence he's never had before!
Thank you TutorMax!

We have even been written up in local newspapers for our outstanding work! One teacher wrote ...I have even seen a notable difference in their work and behavior since they enrolled in TutorMax!

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