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MC Escher's 'Relativity' in 3D

MC Escher was an amazing artist. I always loved staring in wonder and confusion at his work, so when I sat undecided on what world I would most like to build and explore there was only one clear choice. The world where there is no up, nor down, even sideways is merely... relative. I first created this homage during the summer in 2006 and my joy with this little piece only increased in April 2009 when I used it as a testbed for stereoscopic rendering since it was a perfect location to play with depth and space.

Official MC Escher Website

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MC Escher's Relativity - A free download of the 3d recreation model by Troy Whitmer

Yeah, I'd bet you'd want an alternative. But no. I will not explain this image. It speaks for itself, and if it can't be heard then turn it up! Now if only that made sense...