Mindful Moments for Stressful Days

Holyoke, MA


Through Mindful Moments workshops, author and educator Tzivia Gover helps people discover how seemingly mundane daily experiences offer opportunities to cultivate joy, creativity, and inner peace.


MINDFUL MOMENTS FOR STRESSFUL DAYS(Storey Books, $12.95) is available at www.storey.com or in your local bookstore. Beautifully illustrated, MINDFUL MOMENTS makes a great gift for any occasion! This collection of simple tips and exercises focuses on ways to make life's mundane tasks meaningful.


Author and Educator Tzivia Gover offers workshops and lectures about finding ways to create joy and meaning in everyday life.

Workshop participants will:
* Learn simple breathing exercises they can use at home or at work;
* Discuss ways to make everyday events such as a trip to the bank, a daily commute or household chores more meaningful;
* Use drawing and/or writing prompts to reconnect to personal goals and desires.

Workshops are appropriate for:
* Professional organizations
* Community groups
* Educators
* Students of all ages
* Religious groups

For details including pricing information, contact Tzivia Gover at InOtherWordsInk@comcast.net.


I would like to thank Tzivia for the refreshing, uplifting workshop she presented for our staff ... It truly was a lot of fun.
Mindful Moments Workshop Participant

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