Poetry for a Purpose

Holyoke, MA


Poetry for a Purpose employs poetry as a tool for self-expression and building confidence and competence in writing.


Poetry for a Purpose is an inspiring and energizing program that was developed to teach poetry to at-risk youth and adults in literacy settings. Poetry for a Purpose workshops are available for all groups, from new readers and writers to experienced wordsmiths and everyone in between. Participants will:
* Read and write poems together in a fun and supportive atmosphere
* Replace fear of poetry with inspiration and enthusiasm
* Educators will learn to bring poetry into any classroom environment


Tzivia Gover developed Poetry for a Purpose while working in literacy classes for adults and young adults. She has found that poetry is one way to address issues of literacy along with deeper issues of self-expression, self-enrichment and self-awareness.

Poetry for a Purpose workshops have been presented to:
* Students grades K-12
* Adult literacy learners
* Adults in English as a Second Language classes
* Prison Educators
* Teen Mothers
* Educators who work with adults and children, including special needs students
* ... and many more ... Email InOtherWordsInk@comcast.net to find out how you can bring Poetry for a Purpose to your site.


Poetry for a Purpose Workshops are available for educational, professional and community groups. Workshops are tailored to the needs of participants and can be one session or several-weeks long.

Prices vary based on the length and type of each workshop.


Tzivia Gover has taught poetry to teachers, children, adults in literacy and ESOL settings and to at-risk youth. The results to date have been truly inspiring.

"I am the poet of heart
and I am the poet of life.
I am the poet of the wind and
I am the poet of the rain."
ó By Yahaira
Poetry for a Purpose workshop participant

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