The Official UBA Leagues

There are currently three official UBA Leagues:

UBA League #1:

UBA League #2:

UBA League #5:

Please refer to the league homepages to find out about league openings.

There are several unofficial UBA Leagues which use the UBA software to run several types of leagues -- simulation leagues similar to the official UBA Leagues, leagues using players from the past, and leagues using fictional players. Several of these leagues can be found at

Interested in Running a Basketball Simulation League?

If you are planning on running your own simulation basketball league, then check out the UBA software.  It is possible to customize the UBA -- through the program itself, or through special utility programs -- to fit all of your needs.  If you decide to use the UBA software for your simulation league, you can count on assistance from, including creating special utilities for any purpose.   For starters, check out the utility. This utility will create a text file that summarizes the day's games that can be sent to all coaches via e-mail. It also turns all the UBA reports into .htm files for easy upload to your website. Check out the daily.txt file for documentation for the daily2 utility.

If you already are using the UBA for your simulation league and have a website set up for it, contact for a link to your site.


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