Technical Support


What's This Help -- The UBA Software is equipped with What's This type help. On each screen in the UBA program, you will find an orange basketball with a "?" on it. Click on this orange basketball with the mouse pointer. The mouse pointer will change into a "?". Next, scroll the "?" with the mouse until it is above the item you want help for and click the mouse again. A popup screen with information about that object will appear.

Most questions regarding the UBA software can be answered by reading the one of the following source documents (included with the UBA software):

General information regarding the software (installation, compatability, etc.) readme.txt
Uses for the UBA software -- General information on how to configure the UBA software for your specific purpose. ubause.txt
Editing UBA Lineups -- A guideline for creating and editing lineups. ubaline.txt

If you still cannot find the answer to your question, or if you are expriencing problems with the installation and/or running of the UBA software, then please contact:



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